Product Photography

When selling products online, the quality of your product photography is paramount. It tells the consumer the value of your brand, the quality of your products and how trustworthy your business is. A striking image is also likely to be the reason that a potential customer has visited your website and will be the main reason that their visit converts to a sale.

With social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram being increasingly used by consumers to make purchasing decisions, the need for high quality product photography is more important than ever.

As of April 2017, Instagram had over 700 million active users and is growing at a rate of 150 million new users per year. Instagram also beats all other channels, including parent Facebook, when it comes to engagement. A 2015 report from Forrester suggested that Instagram delivered as much as 58 times more engagement per user than Twitter.

High quality product images can turn an undecided customer into a conversion, especially if you are selling on highly competitive platforms such as Amazon or Ebay, or relying on Google shopping for your traffic. If you are a wholesaler, your retail customers will expect you to provide them with high quality product photos, not least because the time, effort and cost of shooting the products themselves will be prohibitive to them stocking your brand.

We understand that a consistent set of product photographs, showcasing your products as part of a collection, helps to consolidate your brand identity and increase its authority: buyers will see your images and immediately recognise your work, especially where a well-directed lifestyle or creative product shoot is concerned. The use of striking, original product shots on social media, especially visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, will draw more people to your store and build brand engagement with an increased chance of reposting and sharing.

Many photography companies will offer you a 'production line' approach to product photography. We believe that great product images can be produced with care and attention, without compromising on speed and efficiency, at a reasonable price and using our product photography studios in Bath, we will work with you to produce professional product shots that set you apart from your competitors.

If you are a retailer, you may also be interested in our retail photography service to provide professional interior shots for your website or catalogue and to sit alongside your product photography.

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