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Dublin-based Arckit are launching two new products called Cityscape and Masterplan, which between them open the world of urban planning to would-be architects of all ages.

Already well established as a manufacturer of tools for architects, their building sets allow architects, students and enthusiasts to create scale models of their work without having to manually cut and glue components. Their commitment to making architecture accessible to more and more people is reflected by their education programme, currently only available in their native Ireland. Now, with Cityscape and Masterplan, they are taking further steps towards opening up the world of architecture to a wider and younger audience.

The Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to launch the new products passed its target on 7th June and the first boxes should be reaching backers by September 2017 (just in time for Christmas!).

Cityscape consists of flat white and coloured tiles used to construct buildings of varying sizes, along with brightly coloured roofing pieces in different styles to mimic architecture from around the globe.

Masterplan is an all-white kit which includes glass-like transparent tiles allowing you to construct modern skyscrapers with sloping, domed, gabled or curved rooftops. Additional adhesive components allow for textures to be added, such as road, water, grass, and glazing patterns on the sides of buildings.

Talking to Dezeen, founder Damien Murtagh, himself an architect, said: "We launched Arckit in 2014 as a professional design tool for architects. However, since then Arckit has become incredibly popular within education and with a wider audience of designers and makers. For our new products, we wanted to stay true to our original roots as a professional tool, whilst also developing a product that opens up the world of architecture to a wider audience. Arckit is about making architecture and design accessible to everyone."

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