eCommerce Photography

When you sell exclusively online, customers are not able to handle your products, so its vital that your ecommerce photography is as accurate and high quality as possible. This applies equally whether you sell through third party e-commerce sites such as Shopify, eBay and Amazon, or on your own custom built website.

The texture, colour, and quality of the materials should be faithfully represented in your e-commerce photography, with close-ups of product details crucial. If your customers know exactly what they are buying you will reduce the risk of returns, increase your positive reviews and reinforce your online reputation, building trust and loyalty and ensuring a happy customer.

As a brand, the quality of your e-commerce product images reflects the quality of your product, and if you are selling through third party retailers, they will expect to be provided with high quality product images to use on their websites and social media channels.

Working from our studios in Bath, Somerset or studios in London, we tailor our e-commerce photography services to suit each client. 

The use of social media to sell product is more important than ever; we can also work with you and your marketing team to create stylish, branded, eye-catching images for your social media channels.