Artwork Photography

Whether photographing artwork for reproduction or to sell online, accuracy is absolutely critical. Artwork reproduction photography requires careful lighting, pinpoint accurate framing, and perfect colour reproduction. Our art photographers understand this and will work with you to produce digital reproductions of the highest standard.

We use high resolution cameras and professional lenses to ensure that nothing detracts from the quality of the artwork and resulting in high quality art reproductions. These images can be used for archival purposes, fine art reproduction prints, or as product shots to sell the artwork online or in print. 

We also offer a location artwork photography service so you can show how the art would look when installed at a client's premises or as part of an installation.

We work with screen prints, sculpture, fine art, paintings, mixed media and contemporary pieces such as vinyl art toys. We also offer a mock-up service for artists who wish to show their work as it would look mounted in a variety of frames and in a variety of environments.

While scanning may be suitable for unframed, small scale artwork, it is far easier and more effective to use digital art photography with colour matching to replicate larger pieces, framed work or anything that could be damaged by too much handling.

Our art reproduction photography service  will provide you with high quality images for use with giclee printing services, to create limited edition print runs, or display copies to allow you to store your original pieces in a safe, secure environment.

We can also shoot sculptural pieces on a white or transparent background for catalogues or editorial use, or arrange a shoot in a suitable location, designed to demonstrate the lifestyle of the buyer, with our in-house stylists on hand to ensure a productive and cost-effective shoot.

We offer a 10% discount on artwork photography for artists involved in Somerset Art Weeks and Bath Open Studios.

Please get in touch for a quotation.