Nick Miners is an architectural photographer based near London. As such, he has ready access to some of the world's best modern architecture. Inspired by the huge variety of modern, post-modern, and brutalist architecture that London has, Nick has produced a portfolio of stunning architectural images for both commercial clients and his growing collection of fine art images and prints.

Drawing inspiration from geometry and patterns, he looks for the abstract in the shapes of the buildings, taking the architect's perspective and seeing things that most casual passers-by wouldn't notice. Working mainly in black and white, he uses the lack of colour to draw attention to the textures and interplay of light and shade.

As an architectural photographer Nick often employs his fine art techniques, when shooting for commercial clients, resulting in images that are both striking and functional.

"Many people see buildings are merely functional things, designed for living, working, shopping or playing in, but to me they can be a part of the experience rather than just a container. Learning to look at them with a photographer's eye has helped me to appreciate architecture as an art, not just a trade, and by expressing myself in these photographs I can hopefully share some of that feeling with the viewer."