About Us

We are a creative agency based in Oxford, Bath and London. We provide brands, artists and retailers with outstanding photography and work with our clients to promote and sell their products to shops and boutiques through our wholesale platform.

 Emma Ayres - Creative Director

Emma Ayres Creative Director Graphic Designer Illustrator London Oxford BathI started the agency in 2017 to represent my hugely talented friend and now business partner, Nick Miners. In March of 2017, I approached Nick to exhibit some of his photography at an art event in Oxfordshire. Nick is a rare breed; he has a great eye and is also a technically brilliant photographer. His work really stands out.

I’m a designer and creative director, and am known for having built the Dollydagger brand, but prior to this I spent many years running commercial and technical teams for large IT companies and small agencies. In the early years of my career I was lucky enough to work for the world's first and largest commercial Internet Service Provider, helping to lay the foundations on which the internet as we know it was built. It was an exciting time and it showed me what working for a pioneering company, with exceptional people was like and how important it is not to settle; I like to think that this combination of commercial experience and creativity is what makes me the perfect person to run an agency in the digital age.

I've been running Dollydagger since 2005 and as well as honing my creative skills, it has given me a deep understanding of the joys and pitfalls of running an indie business during a period of rapid change. Infromthestorm exists to provide support to other indies alongside a platform to help them sell their products to boutiques, shops and galleries.




Nick Miners - Photographer and Technical Director

Nick Miners Architecture Photographer London Bath OxfordI'm a freelance photographer with 10 years experience working for companies such as Sony, Which?, King's College London and Teenage Cancer Trust. My commercial work is focused primarily on interior and exterior architectural projects, including commercial and retail properties, hotels, hospitals, schools and academies.

I'm also a keen landscape photographer and have a growing collection of landscape images, mostly from Iceland, which I like to think of as my second home.

My first SLR camera was a Christmas present when I was at school, and I still vividly remember the excitement of receiving my processed photographs in the post, whenever I finished a roll of film. I've always been fascinated by the technical side of photography as much as the artistic side, and enjoy the challenge of creating the perfect lighting setup for a product or lifestyle shoot.

I also learned to code from a young age, and would write computer games from scratch on my brother's computer at home. My first job was as a programmer, and as technology advanced and the internet opened up new possibilities I learned how to use more modern languages to create interactive websites and databases in a commercial environment. It's great to be able to combine both of these things at Infromthestorm and it also helps that I love working with Emma!

Take a look at my website to see my architecture and interiors photography.