Brand Sales and Marketing Agency UK

We represent unique, independent brands who are ambitious but selective in who they work with and where they are stocked. In a generic world where everyone looks the same, we choose to work with those brands who stand out and have something different to offer.

We understand and appreciate alternative culture; we love pop-art, comics and neon and we turn away from the middle-of-the-road, generic products that can be found on and off the high street.

If you're a well-established brand looking for a change, we can provide you with a tailored service from basic sales agency through to full service with trade show representation and distribution.

If you're a small brand with limited resources, we can act as your sales agent and provide a variety of supporting services such as product photography, branding and packaging design through our expert team of creatives; we can design your logo, make your TV commercial, create your branded content, shoot your products and sell them to independent boutiques and well-known stores all over the world.

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