Architecture is everywhere, from the homes that we live in, to the tallest gleaming skyscraper. We all use architecture - every time we walk through a railway station, go to the office, or hit the shopping centres. It is one of the most visual and visible of disciplines and is always surprising us with new and interesting shapes, materials and techniques.

The neo-gothic arches and vaults of the late Victorian era soon gave way to the sinuous curves of Art Nouveau, and the striking, symmetrical geometry of Art Deco in the 1930's. During the second world war, huge concrete bunkers, pillboxes and other purely functional buildings signalled the start of the Brutalist style, which can be found throughout the western hemisphere but was particularly prevalent in communist Europe.

The 1960's saw the beginnings of postmodernism, with emphasis on ornament and decoration that had been shunned by the modernist movement. As computers allowed architects to be more creative with their designs, the parametricism from the likes of Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid moved architecture on to new and seemingly impossible levels.

We love modern architecture, and we are happy to feature some stunning black and white prints, featuring modernist and brutalist architecture, by London photographer Nick Miners alongside a growing range of t-shirts featuring some of Nick's architecture photography. There is something for all architecture lovers here.